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TSSA Wins Significant Improvement to Network Rail Bands 3 & 4 On Call Agreement

16 November 2015

Your TSSA Reps have won significant improvements to on call payments for our members. From 1st of November 2015 all Network Rail Band 3 and 4 staff on role clarity contracts required to be on call will be entitled to on call payment on the following basis:




Type 1

1st Line On Call

Type 2

2nd Line On Call

1 week in 2



1 in 3



1 in 4



1 in 5



1 in 6



1 in 7 to 1 in 10

£20 per week (£80 per 4 week period)

£10 per week (£40 per 4 week period)


This is a major improvement as the policy now applies to all Bands 3-4 role clarity staff who are ‘on call’ whereas previously the policy was used sporadically, sparingly or not at all. Many of our members were expected to work ‘on call’ for no extra payments.

A further improvement sees the policy extended to an on call rota of up to 1 in 10 when it previously finished at 1 in 6.

Thanks to union members in the North East getting together and organising collectively to challenge the company we have now been able to win an agreement that from the 1st November 2015 all Role Clarity Band 3 & 4 staff will now be paid on this basis.

We were not successful in winning the case for on call payments to be back-dated prior to 1st November 2015 but none the less this represents a significant step forward in establishing the right to payment for being on call.

You can download a copy of the agreement    On Call Agreement Role Calrity B3-4  to read the detail of this policy who it covers and how it will be implemented.

This on call policy does not meet many of the challenges of what we would consider a fair On Call policy and we have a commitment from the company for further talks to make future improvements.

Please pass this information to colleagues and stress to those who are not in the union to join us so that with our combined strength we can continue to challenge the company on matters such as this, and win improvements for our members.

If you are not a member of TSSA you can join online by clicking here

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