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Trade Union Leaders Back Jeremy Corbyn against Self Indulgent Leadership Challenge

27 June 2016

Twelve major trade union leaders, including TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes, have backed Jeremy Corbyn against the leadership challenge being manufactured by some in the Parliamentary Labour Party.

The following joint statement was issued over the weekend:

“The prime minister's resignation has triggered a tory leadership crisis. At the very time we need politicians to come together for the common good the Tory party is plunging into enter a period of argument and infighting. In the absence of a government that puts the people first Labour must unite as a source of national stability and unity. It should focus on speaking up for jobs and workers' rights under threat, and on challenging any attempt to use the referendum result to introduce a more right-wing Tory government by the backdoor. The last thing Labour needs is a manufactured leadership row of its own in the midst of this crisis and we call upon all Labour MP's not to engage in any such indulgence.”

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