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TSSA welcomes Sadiq Khan's Election as Official Labour Candidate for London Mayor

11 September 2015

Rail union TSSA welcomed the election of Sadiq Khan as the Labour candidate in the contest to succeed Boris Johnson as London Mayor.

Manuel Cortes, general secretary of the TSSA said,

"We are delighted that Sadiq will be the candidate in what will be a crucial election for Labour next year. Sadiq is a talented campaigner who will fight for all Londoners as he has already shown with his commitment to freeze all tube and bus fares if elected as Mayor. He has promised he will always sit down with trade unionists in London and we look forward to building on our positive relationship. Sadiq is about London's future, and with Sadiq I am certain we have a candidate who understands the lives and struggles of ordinary Londoners - He can beat the Tories, and return City Hall to delivering an agenda of social justice.

"Labour is to be congratulated not only for selecting a first class candidate but also for the way that all of the candidates in this selection conducted themselves in what were all very positive policy led campaigns. Londoners can be confident that the London Labour party will be a united force working tirelessly until May to ensure that Sadiq is elected as Mayor with the key objectives of addressing the housing and transport crisis’s that currently plague London under Boris.”

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