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Tube bosses face hypocrisy charge in pensions row

24 July 2013

Tube bosses were accused of hypocrisy today in a bitter "jobs for pensions" row for maintenance crews at Tube Lines.

Talks were taking place with the TSSA rail union over management's refusal to allow 1,000 maintenance staff on three key tube lines into LU's final salary pension scheme.

The staff, who maintain the Piccadilly, Northern and Jubilee lines, are still in the inferior money purchase scheme they were part of when Tube Lines collapsed three years ago.

"The attitude of Tube management smacks of hypocrisy to me," said union general secretary Manuel Cortes.

"The 24 operational executive directors received over £750,000 in pension payments last year towards their very generous final salary pension schemes.

"And yet they are privately telling us that the only way that our Tube Line members can join the same scheme is by us sacrificing 300 posts to finance it.

"We are not in the business of swapping jobs for pensions which should be paid as of right."

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