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Tube Lines / APD Reorganisation and TUPE

14 March 2013

London Underground are proposing a radical reorganisation of their Asset Performance (APD) and Capital Programmes (CPD) directorates with a huge impact on staff at Tube Lines.

The majority of TLL Projects staff will be transferring to LUL to work in CPD, with some Projects support functions moving to TfL.

Tube Lines support staff – those not directly involved in the operational business – will be transferred to TfL. This includes the Skills Centre at Stratford which technically reports into HR.

The remainder of the Tube Lines business (Ops) will be known as AP JNP and is proposed to remain running under Amey management (as per the contract). We the former Alstom organisation will remain too.

The proposed date of transfer is 19 April 2013 and re-organisations affecting both groups of staff are planned at LUL and TfL, which means jobs are under threat.

Pensions and passes

If you are moving to TfL, LUL or staying at Tube Lines, your Reps have been told that you will NOT be offered entry into the LT Pension Scheme or receive any other benefits offered to other TfL employees (unless you are already part of the pension scheme as a result of the 2003 TUPE from LUL).

At the same time, Powerlink staff moving back to the Underground, WILL be given access to the final salary pension.

This is quite simply outrageous. TSSA will fight tooth and nail to ensure everyone is on a level playing field – at Tube Lines and within the TfL “family”.

Protection of employment

We do not know if TfL or LUL will honour the Deputy Prime Ministers’ Pledge negotiated by the Unions at the time of the PPP in 2003. At this moment, we believe it is better to adopt a cautious approach and assume the worst. We have asked for clarification on the position as a matter of urgency.

Consultation with TSSA

We have had very little detail of management’s proposals beyond the outline so have written to Tube Lines requesting the information they are legally obliged to supply to enable consultation to take place.

A further meeting with the Company has been arranged for Thursday 21 March 2013, after which we will arrange for a members’ meeting to provide some more detail and listen to your views.

There are a whole raft of potential issues beyond the headlines described above so, if you have any immediate concerns which you would like to discuss, please contact your Tube Lines Reps or email

You can be sure your Union will be there for you at this worrying time.

More information to follow as it becomes clearer...

Download as a pdf:   LUL - TfL TUPE Newsletter June 11



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