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Tube Lines bail out on negotiations: legal papers being prepared

12 December 2011

TSSA and RMT met briefly with Tube Lines on 18 November to discuss recognition to negotiate on pay for staff on Performance Related Pay (PRP) contracts.

Unlike all other staff at Tube Lines and staff on equivalent grades in TfL – the organisation that wholly owns Tube Lines – they do not have the right to collectively bargain their pay. As a result, staff on PRP have not received a pay rise in two of the last three years, and their pay rates are increasingly falling behind those in TfL and London Underground.

Tube Lines had agreed to talk with the unions only after more than 600 Tube Lines staff had shown their support for recognition by joining the union or signing a pledge card and petition. However, the talks were short-lived and on Wednesday, 23 November Tube Lines wrote to its managers to tell them that it was not prepared to negotiate further.

Tube Lines intransigence, and complete disregard for the expressed wishes of more than two-thirds of the PRP workforce, leaves TSSA with no choice but to use the law to gain a formal recognition agreement with Tube Lines. We have prepared a robust application to the Central Arbitration Committee who can impose such an agreement, and will be meeting with local reps and activists this week to plan our campaign. Staff on PRP at Tube Lines are determined to win justice and recognition for pay bargaining – whether their employer wants it or not!

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