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Tube Lines Pensions & Managers' Bonus

1 December 2014

Progress on a pensions deal Unjustified withdrawal of managers' bonus

Following a year of negotiations between Unions and AP-JNP management, we have arrived at a way forward which could see Tube Lines staff gain access to the TfL pension scheme and receive the 75% season ticket discount next year.

The joint proposal is being recommended to Phil Hufton and his team for agreement. If accepted, the deal will go for approval to the Board.

When we have final confirmation that the proposals are agreed by LUL / TfL, we will refer them back to members to vote upon.

If LUL do not agree the negotiated settlement, we will have to consider our next move. But, clearly, we cannot allow the present situation to continue any further

Withdrawal of Managers’ Bonus

TSSA is totally opposed to the decision made by LUL to unilaterally withdraw the managers’ bonus.

To make matters worse, yesterday LUL announced plans to withdraw the CSS bonus which has been offered as a replacement for the managers’ bonus. We have no idea what they have in mind as a replacement but experience tells us that it is not likely to be an improvement.

While we are examining the possibility of a legal challenge, we need to make a challenge within the agreed industrial relations mechanisms as well. The Company needs to know that its managers are not prepared to be treated so shabbily, particularly considering all the additional hours worked and the commitment that people have to doing a great job.

We need to take a collective grievance which would be heard at the full Company Council.

If you are affected by the closure of the bonus scheme, please sign the grievance calling for the bonus to be reinstated. The more signatories we can gain, the more weight lies behind our argument.

Sign online: 

  1. We, the undersigned, wish to raise a grievance in relation to the withdrawal of the Tube Lines managers’ bonus. This bonus formed a key element in our reward package and has been consistently paid out for a number of years. We object to Tube Lines staff being treated as second class citizens by London Underground and request the immediate reinstatement of the bonus scheme.


United we bargain, divided we beg

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