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Tube Lines: Recognition and Beyond

24 November 2011


We have been made aware of the Managers’ briefing circulated by Tube Lines this morning. Regretfully, Tube Lines have not as yet communicated their response to TSSA and RMT head office, as they had agreed to do at our meeting with them last week. TSSA full-time officers have contacted Tube Lines to seek the common courtesy of a formal written response to our request.

It is unfortunate that Tube Lines has chosen not to engage in any meaningful negotiations with the trade unions, and have tried to confuse the very separate issues of recognition and PRP and pay systems. Clearly, changes to the pay system of any kind would be effected by negotiation with the employer and in consultation with members.

However, the law is on our side and we will now move forward with our statutory application for recognition for all staff on PRP contracts. We have a team of officers experienced in gaining recognition, and we will be supporting reps and members in organising for recognition at Tube Lines. TSSA has already convened a meeting with TSSA and RMT officers and reps to agree a clear plan of action and the next steps towards recognition.

Thank you for supporting the recognition campaign. Tube Lines staff have been disappointed too many times, and it is now clear that the statutory process (via the Central Arbitration Committee) is the only way to ensure fair for ALL staff in Tube Lines. We will win recognition, and ask for your continued support and commitment to the campaign over the forthcoming weeks.

What can you do to help?

· If you are not a TSSA, now is the time to join. To join on-line visit:

· If you are a TSSA member please pass on and discuss this circular on to colleagues, and encourage them to join TSSA.

· Contact your elected TSSA representatives, and, to find out more

· Get involved in the campaign for recognition: contact TSSA Organisers, Mel Taylor: or Wayne Geoghegan:


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