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Tube staff to strike again to defend safety and jobs

1 November 2010

Suspend cuts and we will halt strikes, say RMT and TSSA

Strike action by more than 11,000 members of RMT and TSSA, the two biggest unions on London Underground, will go ahead tomorrow evening after Tube bosses again failed to suspend their "dangerous and unnecessary" plan to axe 800 safety critical station staff.

Engineering staff will start their third 24-hour strike at 19.00 tomorrow (November 2), while operational staff will not book on for shifts scheduled to start from 21.00. A fourth 24-hour stoppage is scheduled for November 28 and 29.

Both unions today urged London Underground to suspend cuts cuts that are also opposed by the London Assembly and have raised "severe concerns" from London TravelWatch.

The unions also released photographs of damage found on a District Line train while in service last week, underlining their case that maintenance cuts are already having a devastating effect on the fabric of the Tube network.

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said today:

"All we have been asking is that the London Mayor stick to the pledge he made during his election campaign, when he too recognised that people wanted to see stations staffed properly. The message is simple: suspend these cuts and we will suspend our action.

"Only last week Tube workers were commended by the inquest into the July 7 bombings for their selfless actions in rescuing victims, yet among them are the very grades that the mayor is now intent on cutting.

"Far from keeping his word, the Mayor now has more than 2,000 Tube jobs in his sights. He now has a choice. He can either be rembered for devastating Tube safety and the fabric of the network or he can work with us to defend it."

TSSA general Secretary Gerry Doherty said:

"Boris has broken his word to Londoners on delivering a world class Tube in time for the Olympics in 20 months time.

"He has also broken his word on keeping full staffed ticket offices open. Instead of trying to impress the Tory shires with his anti trade union rhetoric, he should be sitting down with us to work out a fair solution to this dispute which no one wants."

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