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Tube union leaders at City Hall for talks with Mayor Boris Johnson

4 February 2014

TSSA and RMT General Secretaries Manuel Cortes and Bob Crow will arrive at City Hall at 9.30 am this morning to seek direct talks with Boris Johnson with a view to ending the tube cuts dispute.

Manuel Cortes, General Secretary of the TSSA rail union, said: "It is time for Boris to stop playing politics with the Tube. He may impress the right wing of the Tory Party by picking a fight with us but he is doing no favours to the travelling public.

"They want what we want. A properly staffed, safe and secure tube network."

Bob Crow, leader of the of the RMT, added: “We have exchanged letters with Boris Johnson and it’s now time to meet face to face – if he won’t come to us then we are showing our willingness to engage by travelling to him. This dispute is too important for London for anyone to retreat into their bunker.

“We are making it clear again today that if Boris Johnson lifts the threat to jobs we will suspend the action to allow for fresh talks from a clean slate. It is not too late for Boris to take up that fair and reasonable offer and we are at City Hall to make it happen.”

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