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Tube150: Celebrate people, not just machines

4 January 2013

This month marks the 150th anniversary of the oldest stretch of the London Underground, with numerous commemorations of the worldÂ’s oldest underground railway taking place.

The Metropolitan Railway between Paddington and Farringdon was the forerunner not just of the many lines that spread across London, including the first deep ‘tube’ of 1890, but to systems the world over.

Today, in terms of track, London still has the biggest (and arguably the best) passenger rail system in the world, carrying more passengers every day than the whole National Rail network. The fact that the system and indeed London is as successful as it is, is testament to the hard work and dedication of the staff who run the system day in, day out.

The celebrations are a good time to remind people why a safe, publicly owned and properly staffed Underground system is vital to London’s continued success. As part of this, TSSA will be pushing for the recognition of the vital role played by Underground staff in delivering a quality public service for the millions of passengers who use the Tube every day.

While the official celebrations will focus on the development of technology and the expansion of the network, TSSA is organising a number of special events to celebrate the achievements of Underground workers.

We want to hear your stories about working or travelling on the Underground. What does the Tube mean to you? Tell us your experiences at

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