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Progress on proper pensions at Tube Lines

24 July 2013

Talks with COO and APD boss, Phil Hufton, have led to progress over the long-standing issues of access to the TfL Pension Scheme and parity in travel benefits for people on Tube Lines contracts.

Both Unions and Management have agreed that we will work together with the common goal of gaining parity in pensions and staff travel for all current and TUPEd ex-TLL staff.

Options include:

· TUPE transfer of all current Tube Lines / AP JNP staff into TfL or the Underground.

· Allowing access for all staff into the final salary pension scheme

· Gaining the same Oyster and 75% national rail concession as is available to other TfL and LUL staff

The downside is that the Company insist that these benefits must be cost-neutral by 2021. This means that efficiencies need to be found to the tune of £13 million.

TSSA has made it clear that we will not trade jobs for pensions. However, we are committed to jointly exploring potential solutions with the Company. Your Reps are positive that progress can be made.

Have you moved to TfL or LUL?

If you have been TUPE transferred to LUL, Sharon Simmonds continues to represent your interests as a Rep in the MATS Functional area. Other TSSA MATS Reps at LUL are: Mary Williamson, Angela Palmer (non-ops) Jim Whyte, and Steve Coates (ops).

If you have moved to TfL your TSSA Reps covering Specialist (Support) Services are: Stephen Ellaby, Catherine Poole, Theodora Winful, Chris Clark, Ethnie Abbasali and Julian Collins.

If you have been transferred, please contact the TSSA Helpdesk ( / 0800 328 2673) to update your details and find your nearest Rep.


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