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London Underground - TSSA have suspended industrial action

11 February 2014

Following extensive talks with Underground management at ACAS we have agreed to suspend the industrial action called to start at 2100hrs on the 11 February for 48 hours.

We are in receipt of a letter from the Underground for which some of the details are confidential but we can say this the agreement gives us nearly 2 months to look at the proposals in great detail with a number of assurances on how these will progress.

It includes a station by station review including ticket office closures, which could result in some ticket offices remaining open. The company have also agreed not to implement any further proposals on the subject of the Stations restructuring plans whilst these talks take place.

What Caased Dispute

Message to members

Following further talks at ACAS, your representatives considered a proposal from London Underground to resolve our dispute. Having considered this proposal, your Union has suspended all industrial action including the strike that was due to commence from this evening. Therefore you are instructed to work normally.

I can advise you that the full details of the deal reached at ACAS and subsequently confirmed by formal correspondence from LUL is as follows:

“1. London Underground would agree not to implement its Fit for the Future – Stations proposals, as set out in the HR1 and Section 188 Notice, until it has undertaken further meaningful and detailed discussions with the trades unions. This period of consultation would take place over the period Wednesday 12 February 2014 until week ending 4 April 2014. The Change Assurance Plan and Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) would develop during these discussions, which would take place at Company Council level, agreeing its own terms of reference.

2. During this period of discussion London Underground would put on hold all Voluntary Severance applications received and not request any new applications, and would also remove from its e-Zone all learning material associated with its Fit for the Future - Stations proposals.

3. In response to points 1 and 2, the trades unions would agree to enter into detailed discussion in respect of London Underground's Fit for the Future – Stations proposals. It is acknowledged that as a result of these discussions with the trades unions, the proposals could be subject to change.

4. During the above consultation period, London Underground would agree to discuss, amongst other things, a station-by-station review including ticket office closures which could result in some ticket offices remaining open, the proposed methods for stations' job selection, proposed job roles and proposed stations categorisation for Fit for the Future - Stations.

5. RMT and TSSA would withdraw all industrial action called to date in response to London Underground’s Fit for the Future – Stations proposals.

6. All parties would commit to return to ACAS on week ending 4 April 2014 to report on progress.”

This now gives us a framework to discuss the proposals that the company previously failed to offer. It is as a result of your strong stance and action that we have reached this stage and this is down to YOU as individual members we now have the space to move forward. We remain firmly against the cuts agenda across stations and we remain firmly committed to resist them!

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