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TUC Congress: 'jobs, rights and livelihoods' centre stage

11 September 2017

TSSA Welcomes TUC General Secretary's call for "jobs, rights and livelihoods" to put at the centre of the Brexit stage.

Responding to TUC General Secretary's Frances Grady's briefed key note speech to Trades Union Congress in Brighton today (Mon 11 Sept) in which she will say workers need a Brexit deal which keeps Britain in the in the trading block, will tell all parties not to “box themselves in” and will demand “jobs, rights and livelihoods” to be put first, TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes said:
"Frances is making a grown up intervention on behalf of those of us who get the consequences of current Tory posture politics around Brexit is already having a devastating effect on workers lives. Frankly Brexit is just too important to be left in the hands of the Tories and it is right that the General Secretary of the TUC which represents 6.2 million workers, should make this bold intervention today.
"Brexit is a political Titanic. Sold as a bigger, brighter, better way to run the future. But in reality it is sailing Britain towards the icebergs. Frances is right to add her voice to the many now sounding the alarm bells and saying we need to steer a new course before we hit the rocks ard our economy falls apart.  
"Forget hard and soft Brexit. TUC is putting saving our people's jobs and livelihoods and our children and grandchildren's futures back at the heart of this Tory-dominated Brexit agenda. TSSA members will be relieved to hear her speak up for their interests today."
Addressing delegates in Brighton, O’Grady will accuse the weakened Theresa May Prime Minister of putting Tory party politics before the national interest while trying to tell voters she can “get whatever she wants”.
She is expected to say,  “The Prime Minister’s top priority should be to defend Britain’s best interests. Not stop the Conservative Party falling apart,” 
“The clock is ticking and the government still hasn’t come up with a proper plan. The Prime Minister is sticking to the same old script that she can get whatever she wants. That we can all have all the same benefits of the single market without playing by the rules. This isn’t a grown-up negotiating position. It’s a letter to Santa.”
“My challenge to all political parties is this: When it comes to Brexit, don’t box yourselves in. Don’t rule anything out. Keep all options on the table. And put jobs, rights and livelihoods first,” 
And on behalf of TUC she will conclude, “We have set out our tests for the Brexit deal working people need. Staying in the single market and customs union would deliver it.”

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