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TUC march and TSSA’s Jobs and Justice day event

18 February 2011

You will be aware that the TUC is organising a national march and rally on 26 March 2011, in response to the government's programme of fast and deep public spending cuts. This rally will be a major opportunity for all trades unions to unite in protest. The government’s cuts agenda is a direct threat to our members’ jobs, and our communities’ services.

So far, jobs have been cut in a ‘salami style’ manner within London Underground both in frontline operations and in support services. Tube Lines have suffered job losses as well as some London bus operators and in TfL; reorganisations of staff are currently underway. This is just the beginning.

Following the Government’s public sector spending review, TfL set up a steering committee with the commissioner for transport to look at how further cuts can be made across London Transport. This programme of cuts has been labelled by TfL as ‘Project Horizon.’ So far, no information has been shared with TSSA, there has been no process agreed for consultation and it is expected that the outcomes will be implemented in early April. Your union needs to plan ahead.

All of TSSA’s Executive Committee members have been asked to help maximise attendance on the TUC rally from their regions and to make contact with the regional officers to help deliver this. Your EC member Doug Blundell is working with the London Central team in campaigning against the cuts and is actively helping your full time officers in mobilising TSSA members. With this in mind and ahead of the TUC rally, TSSA has organised a one-day event for members and reps across London Transport division.

The TSSA event, Justice for Jobs day, is centred on the cuts including ‘Project Horizon’. We need members to get actively involved in this day to help us proactively challenge the real threat of further job cuts and to preserve our pensions and conditions of employment. As we build a growing network of union activists across London Transport, we need to be united.

I am writing to you to to get involved and help in building our campaign. Your union wants the broad campaign against the cuts and for the alternatives to involve as many TSSA members as possible. We are all in this together.

Please can you do the following: -

- Chat to your colleagues and help maximise attendance for the TSSA event on 5 March (See enclosed newsletter for details of time and venue)

- If you can attend on the 5th please register at

- Distribute the newsletter amongst TSSA members

- Ask TSSA reps to distribute copies of the newsletter and to advertise on workplace notice boards

- Ask members to register they will attend the TUC rally on 26 March and to bring their friends and family

- Ask non-members to join TSSA

You have an important role to play and your assistance in encouraging members within your branch to get more involved is key to TSSA’s planning on how we resist these cuts.

For more information or to volunteer in getting more involved, please do not hesitate to contact either Doug Blundell (07867 501846) or the London central team direct (Lorraine Ward - 07881 626248, Wayne Geoghegan - 07725 823431).

Let’s get together on 5 March 2011 to plan our strategy and again on 26 March 2011 and march together, to tell the Government they need to change course. Cuts are not the cure and we are all in this together, against the cuts.

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