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TUC March for an alternative 26 March 2011

21 January 2011

On 26 March the TUC will be bringing every trade union in the country together for a demonstration in London in defence of public services. We will be joined by students, the disabled, pensioners, as well as women’s and community groups.

The government is seeking to cut public spending at a rate so drastic that it threatens to strangle the economic recovery. These cuts are so deep that they will mean wholesale compulsory redundancies and risk pushing the economy into a double dip recession. Yet the best way to tackle this deficit is to let the economy recover so that more tax revenue comes into the treasury.

In the transport industry we have already seen the start of what, if left unchecked, could turn into a job’s massacre. That is why I am asking you to commit to attending the demonstration on 26 March, and to help us organise our members to attend in large numbers.

TSSA Campaigns Committee: Tuesday 1 February

Help make this demonstration a success by joining us in a campaign-planning meeting on Tuesday 1 February at 5.30pm at the TSSA head office.

The aim of the meeting is to discuss what practical steps we need to take to persuade as many of our colleagues as possible to join a TSSA contingent on the TUC demonstration. We have to organise to make this event a success. Some people believe that the cuts are ‘unavoidable’ but this is not true. The TUC backed site False Economy provides all the facts and figures to show these cuts will be counter-productive (see

Others may say that this government will not be swayed by protest. However, the 26 March is not an end, but the beginning of organising a movement that will encourage our members and their communities to defend their jobs and services. The TSSA is at the forefront of working with communities to defend public transport, come to the meeting on 1 February to hear more.

I hope you will join us on the 26 March (please log in and register your attendance: and I hope you will help us to convince our wider membership to support this TUC called demonstration by attending the planning meeting on 1 February. Please confirm your attendance by emailing:] .

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