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TUPE Transfer Balfour Beatty to Babcock Rail final consultation

4 August 2014

There was a final meeting with Balfour Beatty and Babcock Rail but there still remained some outstanding issues requiring clarification.


TSSA used the opportunity to raise some further questions with the incoming employer – set out below are the responses:

1) There remains a major issue in respect of non protected and no indefeasible right (pension) status employees who will not be allowed to join the Babcock Rail Section of the Railways Pension Scheme (RPS). TSSA is asking any member affected by this to contact us immediately.

2) Balfour Beatty advised us that they were still looking at the position of their bonus scheme and whether individuals would receive 7/12ths of the 2014 bonus.

3) Balfour Beatty said Network Rail had signed off on the filling of some vacancies but not all. Those with outstanding issues should still pursue them. HGP scenarios will continue after the transfer to allow continuity in the new contract

4) The plan was still to sell the Small Plant organisation to Torrent Trackside before the transfer of the RT24 contract.

5) Private health care will continue for those who currently receive it contractually.

6) It was confirmed that of those employed in the ETE Department at Three Bridges three employees had been identified as transferring to Babcock Rail at Eastleigh.

TSSA members with queries should contact the TSSA helpdesk or their representatives for advice.

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