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TUPE Transfer Colas Rail to Babcock Rail final consultation

4 August 2014

There was a final meeting with Colas Rail and Babcock Rail but there still remained some outstanding issues requiring clarification.


TSSA used the opportunity to raise some further questions with the incoming employer – set out below are the responses:

1) There remains a major issue in respect of non protected and no indefeasible right (pension) status employees who will not be allowed to join the Babcock Rail Section of the Railways Pension Scheme (RPS). TSSA is asking any member affected by this to contact us immediately.

2) Colas Rail could still not confirm what they intended to do with regard to their Bonus Scheme. However, there was only one person affected and as such believed it could be resolved.

3) Babcock Rail would honour HGP for those who have being carrying out HGP duties for six months and more.

4) Babcock Rail confirmed that those Colas Rail employees transferring over with the full repayment of existing loans and the repayment of the ride to work scheme in their last Colas Rail four weekly payment, should raise this issue with them after the transfer regarding receiving a loan from Babcock Rail to assist them through this process. Colas Rail refused to extend the loans after the transfer date, or allow Babcock Rail to deduct the amounts out of salaries and make the payment to Colas Rail.

TSSA members with queries should contact the TSSA helpdesk or their representatives for advice.

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