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TUPE Transfer Onboard Catering Train Hosts to Rail Gourmet

28 April 2011

TSSA met Southern on 26th April at the first meeting to discuss the TUPE transfer of the On Board Catering staff to Rail Gourmet.

The date of transfer is midnight on the 21st May 2011 with catering being provided from that date by Rail Gourmet. Rail Gourmet were not in attendance at that meeting but will be at the next consultation on the 6th May 2011. The majority of the questions we have need to be responded to by Rail Gourmet. There was a provisional list of ten employees that maybe transferred and that included those currently covering maternity leave for employees employed in On Board Revenue. We have asked Southern to resolve where all employees are working and to establish how many employees would be transferring to Rail Gourmet as soon as possible.

What Questions will be asked

The TSSSA will ask the following questions on behalf of the employees and seek assures in the responses:
-* Will employees retain their terms and conditions?
-* Will Collective Bargaining Procedures with the trade unions be transferred and adhered to?
-* Will the final salary Railway Pension Scheme continue?
-* What will happen in regard to travel facilities?
-* Does Rail Gourmet use the same payroll system?
-* There will also be questions on uniforms, Southern Share Save Scheme, Childcare Vouchers, Car Parking, and Depot facilities at Victoria.
TSSA membership

I would recommend all non-members of a trade union to join the TSSA at this crucial time in their employment, so that we can help you in protection of your rights when you transfer from one employer to another. You can do this by telephoning the TSSA’s
Recruitment Line number on 020 7529 8018

Further information

The TSSA will provide you with further information after the meeting of the 6th May 2011.

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