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Turnberry protest against President "Scrooge" Trump

20 April 2017

Rail industry workers in Scotland will stage a protest against Donald Trump outside his luxury Trump Turnberry hotel on Scotland's beautiful Ayrshire coast on Saturday (April 22) morning.

They will demand the multi-millionaire property magnate reinstate longstanding retirement rail travel rights to their pensioner colleague, Alistair Sutherland, which were withdrawn when the American President's company took over the famous Turnberry golf resort in 2015.

The hotel belonged to the old British Rail hotel portfolio when Alistair began working there in the 1973 when reduced pension travel rights were part of his pension package.

Every subsequent hotel owner since has honoured the pensioner deal until Trump's team took over and squelched on the deal which relates only to staff employed before 1983.

According to TSSA pensioner member Alistair, who himself used to oversee the hotel's retired employee travel, there are only 4 pensioners left living who entitled to the 75% off rail travel and four free, to anywhere in Britain tickets each year.

Said Alistair, “I was entitled to have it then, so I should be entitled to have it now. It can’t be right for them to take it away. 

TSSA reps have organised the weekend demonstration as an act of solidarity with their former colleague and hope Trump will be persuaded to intervene to restore the rights.

Said TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, "Our Scottish members feels very strongly that Trump is acting like an absentee landlord in Ayrshire treating its citizens like serfs. He is rich beyond the dreams of avarice, it would cost him buttons to give back the travel deal but, his company is eroding the long-held rights of Ayrshire workers. 

"Trump has attacked union rights in his hotel in Las Vegas. We do not want his union busting practices to be a landmark of his tenure in Scotland. We will fight him in Ayrshire on Saturday and we will taketh fight to him in Washington if he does not dos there right thing and give back Alistair what is rightfully his.

"TSSA members are defending more than just their colleague on Saturday, they are standing up for the principle of honouring pension packages and trades union rights to the world's globaliser in chief. President "Scrooge" Trump.  

TSSA's Scotland Divisional Council has called the demonstration which will take place outside Turnberry Trump Hotel on Saturday 22nd of April 2017 11:00 hrs-13:00 hrs

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