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Ulsterbus Inspectors pay ballot

14 March 2012

We have concluded pay talks with the company and are now going out to ballot.The following items were proposed as part of a 3 year wage settlement

Year 1 (2011/12)
A 1.75% pay increase on basic rate of pay, backdated to 1st April 2011.

Year 2 (2012/13)
A 1.50% pay increase on basic rate of pay, paid from 1st April 2012.

Year 3 (2013/14)
3.00% pay increase on basic rate of pay, paid from 1st April 2013.

As a prerequisite to the funding of these increases the following 4 proposals were agreed.

I. Fuel efficient driving
II. Sick pay proposal
III. Staffing efficiencies
IV. Summer holiday allocation Metro.

It is also agreed that in year 3 of this offer (2013/14) if RPI is greater that 4.5% the union can request further discussions, likewise if RPI is less that 1.5% the Company can request further discussions. The historical practice of using RPI data for February as the measurement (in this case February 2013) will continue.

Ballots will be posted to members shortly and we ask that members return ballots by Friday 30 March 2012


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