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Ulsterbus Inspectors Pay Offer

20 November 2014

After conclusion of pay talks with management on 19/11/2014 the company have written to us with the following offer.


Re: Wage negotiations- Bus Inspectors.


I am writing to confirm the detail of the Company’s final offer on the 2014/15 wage negotiations as outlined in our joint meeting on 19th November 2014.


· The following items were proposed as part of a 1 year wage settlement:


· 1.50% pay increase on basic rate of pay, paid from 1st April 2014.


· The Company commits to work with Inspector Grade representative trade unions to derive further efficiencies from the RIBAS system. Where it is identified that the Inspectors have a significant impact on driving efficiencies through the system the Company will consult as to how this contribution can be recognised.


· The Company recognises the continued introduction of new technology and new ways of working. Where such developments may involve a substantial change to the normal range of duties and responsibilities meaningful consultation and negotiation will take place.


· Exclusion from sick pay scheme; current trigger point of 5 occasions or more occasions in the rolling back 24 months to be increased to 6 occasions or more in the rolling back 24 months

We ask members to consider the offer and to feedback any views to your reps.

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