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Underground dispute: ACAS talks collapse

3 February 2014

Peace talks ended at ACAS today without a deal to avoid tomorrow's 48-hour Tube strike, the TSSA announced this afternoon.

Union general secretary Manuel Cortes offered to meet London Mayor Boris Johnson "anytime, anywhere" in the next 24 hours to try and reach a face to face deal to halt the strike which starts at 9.00pm tomorrow night.

"It became increasingly clear over the past six days that Boris has been refusing to allow his negotiating team to enter into serious talks over his wholsale ticket office closure programme.

"We now want to sit down with the organ grinder himself and reach a deal that will keep our Tube services running.

"We will suspend the action if he suspends the threat to 953 jobs. Me and Bob Crow will meet him tonight or tomorrow morning-there is still time to do this.

"He is determined to pick a fight with us to further his long term political career regardless of the damage to our tube network. He should put the travelling public ahead of desire to become Tory party leader."

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