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Union Calls for People's Brexit

26 September 2016

TSSA leader, Manuel Cortes, will put the case for A People's Brexit to Labour Party Conference in Liverpool today.

He will say that Brexit negotiations are "too important to be left to the Tories," and urge the Labour Party to come together to ensure the current levels of protection given to workers rights, human rights and pension rights and their jobs by EU legislation are retained when Article 50 is triggered.

Said Cortes:"The cost of Independence from Europe must not be shunted onto Britain's workers. Their hardwood rights must not be sold away by the Tories whose free market wheeler-dealing, their one rule for the 99pc and to hell with the 99% , instincts are hardening under the Theresa May.

"There's nothing patriotic about the Tory's policy of social mobility for the few. But there's everything patriotic about Labour's policies and tradition of social patriotism for the many.

"Social patriotism is about sticking up for and showing solidarity too all our people. We are socially patriotic about homes and will build our people new council houses and make housing affordable for all,. we will end the misery of generation rent houses country people.

"We are socially patriotic about education. Jeremy Corbyn's National Education Service won't just ensure new sure starts for all our children, it will ensure lifelong opportunities to education are open and affordable to all.

"And perhaps most socially patriotic of all, we must stick up for the Health Service which is being bled dry under the Tories.

It is a source of national scandal not national pride that the tax exile Richard Branson's Virgin Care is making railroads into our national health service to freight the profits out. Virgin now has more than 350 contracts across the now runs more than 300 GP surgeries.

"Our people's health service is being made a cash cow for tsuper-rich corporations at the expense of the health and the well-being of, not just our sick people, but our NHS staff. No wonder our junior doctors are so angry.

"We must urgently prioritise the need to set the terms of A People's Brexit quickly, come together and campaign around them and get our people's social patriotism to the top of the Brexit agenda whilst also campaigning for negotiations to be open, transparent and subject to democratic scrutiny."


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