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Union rejects Minister's Blackmail of Bus Staff

9 May 2013

TSSA leader Manuel Cortes has accused Labour leader Eamon Gilmore of "blatant industrial blackmail" in the escalating dispute at Bus Eireann.

The general secretary of the white collar union said the minister ought to be "ashamed of himself" for saying workers who go on strike may have no jobs to come back to.
"It is simply outrageous that in these hard times a Labour leader should resort to blatant industrial blackmail to stop workers exercising their democratic right to withdraw their labour.
"We, as an organisation affiliated to the Irish Labour Party expect their support in these situations, not their vitriol.
"We are trying to protect our members from suffering wage cuts of €3,000 a year and all we are getting in response are these bully boy tactics.
"It is the austerity programme which is the root of these problems and a Government which is sacrificing working people to save fat cat bankers. They should be on our side, not attacking us."

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