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Unions Offer to Recommend Suspension of Tube Strike Action

24 November 2010

In ACAS talks today tube unions RMT and TSSA tabled a new proposal to LU management which includes a recommendation for the suspension of industrial action if the management side agree to a twelve week suspension of the implementation of their station staffing cuts proposals to allow for a thorough station-by-station safety evaluation to take place.

The unions understand that LU management are taking the offer away for further consideration with talks expected to reconvene tomorrow morning.

TSSA General Secretary Gerry Doherty said:

“The unions have today put forward a proposal seeking to address safety, ticket office closures and the impact of cuts on passengers.

“In the words of the Rufus Wainwright song, the road is long, with many a winding turn. However, it would seem after long discussions at ACAS, with many turns, that London Underground management have finally arrived at a point where they are willing to at least consider suspending their unnecessary job cuts program to allow for a meaningful safety and customer service review.

“It seems incredulous that it has taken three days of strike action to get here but if Underground Management tomorrow agree to our proposal we will seek to persuade our members to suspend the strike action planned for next week.

“I’m sure that Londoners will join me in hoping that for once common sense prevails and Mondays’ services are not disrupted unnecessarily. If not then the time will have come for the
Mayor, Boris Johnson, to take his role as the political leader of London seriously and intervene directly in this dispute.”

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

“After many hours of talks we have now pinned down the issue of the station-by-station safety review, the mechanism for that review and the timescale to allow it to be carried out thoroughly taking into account the looming Christmas and New Year period.

“Clearly, the review can only happen in a meaningful and thorough fashion if the job cuts process is suspended for the 12 weeks that we believe is required to assess the safety implications for each station properly. If the management agree to that then we will recommend the suspension of the industrial action through Christmas and into the New Year.”

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