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Unity is Strength! Day of Action 30 November

23 November 2011

As you are aware all the Unions in Translink are participating in the Day of Action on the 30 November.

As you are aware all the Unions in Translink are participating in the Day of Action on the 30 November. For this action to be affective your union is calling on you to take part in the action and to stand shoulder to shoulder with your work colleagues to defend your pension. By sticking together we can show that as a union we are strong. We are also encouraging members to speak to their colleagues about the dispute and to get them to join TSSA. If you are a member but did not vote in the ballot you are still allowed to participate in any action. New members who have joined since the ballot are covered by the strike call and can take part in the action. Members can join on the day itself, and gain union protection immediately.

All the Unions in Translink are in the process of organising picket lines outside workplaces on Wednesday, 30 November as part of the trade union campaign to protect pensions but also to reflect the wider concerns about pay, job security and public services.

As part of the campaign Rallys will be held at Belfast City Hall, Derry Peace Bridge and Newry City Hall all starting at 1pm.

We are asking TSSA members in Belfast to assemble outside Central Train Station at 11.45am to join with your work colleagues from the other unions to march to City hall for the Rally.

Members in areas outside of Belfast if you are not able to get to the Belfast, Derry or Newry Rally you should support the local events organised by Trades Councils in your area and join in solidarity on the picket lines.

TSSA has notified Translink that its members are being called to take strike action on 30th November.

The strike is part of a trade union response to the government’s attacks on your pension and the austerity measures in Northern Ireland and in Great Britain. However these measures are not just impacting upon Transport workers and public sector employees. Local communities will suffer due to cutbacks in health and education services. People reliant on social security benefits will, over the next period, experience a severe attack on their living standards. This includes the thousands of workers who have been thrown on to the dole due to the economic crisis. In Northern Ireland alone the cuts to the benefits system will remove £500m each year from the economy and this will have a detrimental impact not only on families which depend upon these benefits but also on local businesses as well.


It is time to make a stand! Your pensions are your future. The proposed changes to your pension means pay more work longer and get less!

Click on the link below to the pension calculator to see how it impacts you directly

The TSSA along with the other unions have fulfilled its obligations in regards to the conducting of the Ballot. A 77% yes vote gives a strong mandate to our members to take action. We strongly encourage our members to actively participate on the day of action be joining a picket line or rally or better still both! If you feel that you are being pressured not to take part please contact the union immediately. You are under no obligation to inform anyone if you are taking part or not taking part in the day of action. Regardless of grade or job role you are entitled to join with your fellow union members in the day of action.

Below is guidance on picketing and will be of some assistance to members in their efforts to maximise our presence on the day.

The “Right to Strike”
Employers, in response to planned strike action will often send communications to staff stating that they will be in breach of contract should they undertake strike action and not report for work during the period of proposed action. But all this means is that you will not be paid for rostered hours that you do not work. An Employer can not sack one individual in a workplace for taking legitimate strike action, if they do so the individual can claim unfair dismissal.


What is a picket line?
A picket line is where union members in dispute with their employer gather at or near their workplace. Picket lines are formed to make a strike action more effective and to raise the profile of the dispute. The purpose of picketing is to peacefully persuade colleagues from going into work on a strike day, in other words to support the strike. Peaceful picketing has long been recognised as a lawful activity.

TSSA members and all Union members have a choice regarding the Industrial Day of Action, we either stand still and let the authorities walk over us or stand up and be heard. This is a opportunity as TSSA members to make our stand to protect our pensions!


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