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Update Dublin Bus Pay Talks

22 April 2016

TSSA along with other trade unions meet with the company (21/04/2016) at the workplace relations commission to deal with the pay issue. This was our second meeting as directed by the labour court in late March to return to negotiations on pay under the auspices of the workplace relations commission.


We have still not reached any agreement and once again reiterated our position that TSSA members in Dublin Bus deserve a fair and significant pay rise. We also explained our position that we believe a 4 year deal is too long and any agreed pay increase must be linked to pensions.

Dublin Bus management after considering the views of all the unions have requested to have time to consider and look at the numbers before coming back to us in the first week of May. We note that the labour court direction put a timeframe of six weeks to reach an agreement; our next meeting brings us to the end of the six weeks. We hope that this will focus all our minds and that we will have at the very least a genuine offer that is worth consideration.

As talks progress we will continue to keep members updated.

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