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Update for Clerical grades wage negotiations

20 January 2012

At a recent meeting with the company a final wage offer for the clerical grades was proposed.

The details of the proposal was forwarded to clerical staff via the Translink internal electronic mailing system, for your information.

We have requested a formal proposal in writing from the company. As of today (19/01/2012) no official correspondence from the company regarding the above has reached this office. When the official correspondence reaches this office the clerical negotiation team will meet and explore any  (if any) adjustments are needed to the document.

If approved by the negotiation team that the document is a true reflection of what was discussed, the team will either approve or reject the document, or indeed put forward counter proposals to ensure a fair and reasonable outcome.

If the terms are approved, a final document will be sent to all members to consider and a date for a ballot will be announced. Your TSSA rep will keep you informed if there are any other developments. 

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