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Update Inspectors meeting

27 January 2011

TSSA and the other Unions were in attendance at a meeting in Broadstone 27 January 2011

The company informed the Unions that it would push ahead with a 10% cut in wages for Inspectors as from March, if the Unions do not accept and put the "Cost Recovery Plan out for ballot to the membership".

TSSA informed the company that any attempted by the company to cut the wages of Inspectors that the TSSA and the others Unions would look to block any such move, by means of industrial action and/or use of the state industrial machinery such as the LRC.

Main issues discussed:

  • Flexibility within grades
  • Transfer of administration duties to clerical staff on a permanent basis
  • Acting Inspectors roles within the grades
  • Rosters
  • The company will forward to the Unions a list of rosters
  • The company have not forward to the Unions a list of "Transfer of administration duties to clerical staff on a permanent basis" or the "Transfer of administration duties to Inspectors from the clerical staff on a permanent basis.
  • The situation with acting Inspectors have still not being resolved
  • The situation regarding "Flexibility within the grades" has not being resolved.

TSSA advise those Inspectors who have not already met with local management to discuss issues such as rosters etc, to make arrangements for such meetings.

Any problems associated with local discussions should be immediately flagged to this office.

Please note any proposed new local agreement must be with the consent of those that will be effected by any new change/agreement.

Please note any new change/agreement at local level must be forwarded to this office before any initiation of any change in work practice.

Jim Kavanagh: Irish Organiser

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