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Update on Amey Industrial Action

29 June 2011

While we are trying hard to find a resolution to our dispute, action is scheduled to commence on Friday.

Why are we taking action?

Amey are refusing to collectively negotiate pay (and other terms and conditions) for certain groups of staff. They continue to employ new starters on non-collective bargaining contracts which allow them to unilaterally impose whatever pay increase (if any) they wish. This undermines all staff terms and conditions and allows you to be divided.

While we assisted Amey in resolving the pensions issues last year, they have reneged on their commitment to a proper review of salaries for last year and 2011.

Although Amey’s profits are rising, their current pay offer is well below industry comparators. For example staff employed by Colas at the Joint Venture are receiving 4% over 2 years.
Amey have failed to enter into meaningful dialogue with your Reps to find a mutually acceptable solution to these issues.

TSSA sought, and was given, a democratic mandate by you, our members, to take action in support of our claim.

How much pay do I stand to lose or gain?

Based on the example of someone earning £35K, working a standard 38 hours a week the approximate real-terms loss of pay for the scheduled strike would be about £60 (taking into account tax and NI).

If our action resulted in us gaining another 0.5% increase, this would mean roughly an additional £175 (before tax). Remember that this will be pensionable and carry on year after year.

Are TSSA seeking to resolve the dispute?

We all hope that a successful resolution can be found before Friday. We are involved in ongoing informal discussions with Amey. TSSA will continue to try to reach a reasonable settlement. We have stated our willingness to go to ACAS at any time and will clear all our diaries to do so. If a significant improvement is on the table, we will suspend action in order to give you a chance to consider and vote upon the proposals. But, if no acceptable offer is forthcoming, the action will take place as planned.

What should I do when the action starts?

Members employed by Amey Consulting should cease work at 14:00 hours on Friday 01 July 2011 until 11:00 hours on Monday 04 July.

Members should refuse to work any overtime from 05:00 hours on Friday 01 July until further notice. This means that you should only work those hours specified in your contract of employment.

Members employed by Amey Inter-urban (Rail) should refuse to work any overtime from 05:00 hours on Friday 01 July until further notice.

Union social events and picket lines

Friday 01 July – various local events are being planned to enjoy the Friday afternoon sunshine. Further info to follow.
Monday 04 July – Picket lines are planned at Swindon, Bristol, Birmingham and York.

Please come along to the social events and picket lines. If you work at a location where no social or picket line has been established , please let us know. We will assist you to organise at your site.

For more info, please contact your local Rep, visit, call our Helpdesk on 0800 328 2673 or contact TSSA Organisers:

Alan Valentine (07775 912 829 / )
Mike Wheeler (07841 995 810 /
Luke Chester (07767 682 909 /

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