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Urgent action: Lift the blockade of Gaza

26 November 2012

A ceasefire has been called - families in Israel and Gaza are safer. Relaxation of the crippling blockade, which has trapped people in poverty for so long, is under negotiation. But unless the blockade is lifted for good, families will continue to suffer.


Since the blockade started, a third of Gaza's businesses have closed and eight out of ten of its population now needs aid to get by. Many farmers cannot export their crops, fishing boats cannot reach the sea, and families are divided unable to meet each other.

"Yes there's a truce, that's obvious, but all the key issues for us...the border crossings, the fishing rights, the farmland, are still to be negotiated." Jabr Qudeih, father of six, Gaza City.

With the ceasefire in place, our politicians have a unique opportunity to make a difference for Gaza's poorest people.

Sign Oxfam's action calling on the UK Government to use its influence and help lift the blockade.

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