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Translink Voluntary Exit Scheme

27 May 2015

Your TSSA reps met with the company 26/05/2015 for an update on the Voluntary Exit (VE) Scheme. The scheme is currently open to the Management Professional Technical, Supervisors/Inspector and Clerical grades.


The closing date for members to express an interest for the scheme was the 18 May 2015. The company informed the Union that the VE scheme is oversubscribed.

The proposed number of opportunities for the VE scheme was 60. Broken down as 15 Management Technical and Professional, 30 Supervisors/Inspectors and 15 Clerical.

It was confirmed that 21 Management Professional Technical, 37 Supervisors and 47 Clerical have applied for the VE scheme. The company will now go through a process of identifying who meets the criteria for VE.

The company made it clear that not all applicants would qualify to receive the final offer for VE. In explanation the company stated the current restructuring of management grades and the location of applications would have an impact on who would benefit from the VE scheme.

The next stage of the process will depend greatly on the management restructure of all three operations. It was also pointed out that completion of the VE process may take longer than planed due to the restructuring.

Translink management have committed to writing to all applicants to explain the details of the selection process.

The next meeting with the Company and the Unions regards VE will be in three to four weeks at which stage we will have a more accurate picture of how the VE scheme is processing.

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