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Victory! Cross Country agrees to increase salaries by 3.3%

25 January 2018

Cross Country: managers not covered by collective bargaining • Victory! Cross Country agrees to increase salaries by 3.3% • Friday 26 January 2018 strike off! • Members are instructed to work normally

TSSA has today called off the strike of managers scheduled for this coming Friday following clarification of some outstanding issues relating to a small
number of managers not covered by collective bargaining. Members should work normally on Friday.

This followed the letter received from the company last week in which the union was advised that most managers not covered by collective bargaining
would receive a pay increase of 3.3% from 28 May 2017 instead of the 1% increase that was previously implemented.

TSSA Organising Director Steve Coe said “the company clearly recognised the deep sense of injustice felt by our members, did the right thing, and paid them
the 3.3% that the other staff have received.

“Our members should be proud of themselves – they stood up for what is right – a fair pay rise for all. This clearly demonstrates what can be achieved by a
group of managers that is prepared to act together collectively through TSSA – there is power in a union!

“I hope that the company will now follow this decision on pay with another decision - to formally recognise TSSA so that the union can represent the
managers for the purposes of collective bargaining! That will give us a formal framework within which we can collectively negotiate on pay and other
contractual matters on behalf of the managers, and hopefully this will mean we never again have to resort to threatening strike action in order to get the
company to take us seriously.

“I call upon our members to fully support TSSA’s bid to win that recognition and ensure managers have a powerful voice going forward.”

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