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Victory to the rail workers of France!

2 April 2018

TSSA sends solidarity to French rail workers who have begun their first two day strike this evening (Monday) against plans by President Emmanuel Macron to privatise the country’s nationalised rail service.

Seventeen further consecutive two-day rail strikes are scheduled by the Confederation General du Travail (CGT) every week until the end of June.

Said TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes,

“Our solidarity with our fellow transport workers in France is not just principled, it is heartfelt. Britain’s two decade experiment with rail privatisation has turned Britain into a failed rail state. Its given us the highest fares in Europe for some of the poorest services. Our trains are for the most part overcrowded and far too much of our rolling stock is delipidated. Our vital public service workers are also treated way too often with contempt by the Tory government.

“French Rail remains a beacon service with low fares, speedy trains, a history of strong investment and high density usage.

“It ain’t broke, it don’t need fixing and no one working or travelling regularly on trains in Britain would recommend our broken system as any form of exemplary rail model. So we wish our sisters and brothers in the French rail unions well as they fight to uphold safety standards and public service ethos. Victoire aux cheminots! Victory to the rail workers of France.”

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