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Virgin not accepting ACAS offer of talks to end strikes on West Coast Mainline

20 December 2017

Virgin West Coast are refusing to accept an offer to meet TSSA at the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service which could end Friday’s scheduled strike action on West Coast Mainline.

TSSA remains keen to settle the dispute over equal pay rises for all Virgin staff by negotiation.

TSSA leader, Manuel Cortes said, "ACAS have been trying to organise talks this week to seek to resolve the Virgin Trains dispute. It beggars belief that the company appears reluctant to join us around the negotiating table after they have repeatedly told the public they wanted talks. Virgin must either stop telling porkies or come back to the negotiating table which is of course what our union wants.

“We are now less that 48 hours away from the next strike and passengers must rightly be wondering why Virgin is refusing to engage. For our part, we remain available for talks anytime, anywhere. Hopefully, the company will come to its senses and spare our passengers disruption on the way to their Christmas destinations on Friday.”

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