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Virgin Trains East Coast - Stations and Travel Centres Update

19 May 2017

Discussions are currently taking place with the Company on their proposals for the future of Stations and Travel Centres. As part of this process we have been provided with a revised consultation document (see below).

So far the meetings have focussed on gaining a greater understanding of the proposals, and we have taken the opportunity to once again stress that protecting our members jobs and safety are paramount in these discussions. We have also been clear that we will not accept arbitrary job cuts, and nor will we tolerate a situation where staff are put under undue pressure as a result of these proposed changes. We are still awaiting the detailed information they have used to arrive at the proposed reductions, but have been promised this will be provided and discussed during future meetings.

Further meetings are due to take place over the coming weeks, and we will of course keep you updated of any developments. Meanwhile, a copy of the consultation document can be downloaded here:   VTEC Stations of the future consultation precis - 2017

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