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Volker Rail: TSSA ballots for industrial action

6 September 2011

TSSA is to ballot its Volker Rail members for strike action, and action short of strike action, following the company's proposal to freeze salaried staff pay for the second year running. Ballot papers will be sent to members from 14 September 2011, and members are urged to vote YES to both questions on the ballot paper.

Despite numerous meetings with Volker Rail, no progress has been made in persuading the company to increase staff salaries.. Our door is always open and TSSA is willing to continue negotiating on member’s behalf, yet Volker Rail are still adamant that there will be no pay award for 2011.

TSSA members have made it quite clear that another pay freeze this year is unacceptable and that they wish to be balloted for industrial action. Therefore, on 6 September 2011, TSSA formally notified Volker Rail of the union's intention to ballot members for industrial action.

Staff are constantly told how much Volker Rail values their dedication and hard work. It's time they put their money where their mouth is and give TSSA members the pay rise they deserve.

It is not too late for salaried staff to join TSSA, and take part in the industrial action. A copy of the membership application form can be downloaded from this website. Alternatively, see the local TSSA rep or workplace contact.

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