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Vote Corbyn for Brexit Peace Deal

31 January 2019

Responding to news that Prime Minister Theresa May has cancelled February's Parliamentary recess, TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes, a vociferous voice against Brexit, said:

"It's quite right that MPs should not be allowed on their jollies whilst the country is plunged deep into a crisis entirely of the Tories own-making. May is completely hoisted on her own party's petard.

“But whether a leaver or a remainier, we are all united now in knowing there is no good coming to Britain from any Tory Brexit. They've botched it and cancelling February's recess is yet another act of desperation by May.

"Keeping MPs in a Westminster lockdown is no solution to the country's Brexit crisis. May's only way out is to admit she is utterly defeated and stand down.

“Let Britain have the general election it now needs so we can beyond her and her Brexit crisis and start uniting our nation once again. We know Corbyn neither wants her deal nor the dreadful no-deal with which she threatens all our livelihood.

“So time for her to stand down and let Jeremy lead our country with his Brexit peace deal and let us all come together to get on with rebuilding Britain for the many." 

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