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Wanted For Great Train Fares Robbery

22 November 2011

Commuters into London were handed Wanted posters of David Cameron and Nick Clegg today as part of a new campaign against the 25% hike in rail fares over the next four years.

Fares Wanted Poster

Headlined: "Wanted For The Great Train Fares Robbery, it urged passengers to join a coalition of unions and environmental groups fighting the increases which begin in January with an average 8% rise in fares.

Detailing the huge increases in season tickets by 2015, it invited passengers to sign up to new group, Together for Transport, spearheaded by th rail union TSSA and backed by Campaign for Better Transport and Climate Rush.

Thousands of the large sepia cards were handed to passengers at London's Victoria, Waterloo, Euston, Kings Cross and Liverpool St stations and at Bristol, Brighton, Swindon and Coventry stations during the morning rush hour.

"It is simply outrageous that passengers who rely on rail to get to work should be held to ransom every year by Ministers, "said union leader Manuel Cortes.

"Here we are in the worst recession in living memory and passengers are expected to find huge sums of money when their pay is being frozen or hardly rising at all.

"We want them to join us in telling Cameron and Clegg that enough is enough. Why should they have to pay these stealth taxes when fares are already the highest in Europe."

What season tickets will cost in 2015 if the fares formula stays in place.

Route Now 2015 Increase
Swindon to London £7,024 £9,008 £1,984
Canterbury to London £4,328 £5.552 £1,223
Reading to London £3,585 £4,597 £1,012
Brighton to London £3,284 £4,212 £928

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