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We need an integrated transport strategy, not this shambles

26 February 2018

TSSA transport union leader, Manuel Cortes commented after Southern Rail users were left stranded by replacement buses.

"The whole point of a rail franchise is to get people where they need to go, but Southern haven’t been able to do that for years.

"And Southern aren’t the only ones. We’re expecting more passengers in the future but our rail infrastructure is already out of date.

"We can’t afford not to build more railway track, if the plan is to transfer passengers to the road, it’ll just put more pressure on a slower, less efficient and environmentally costly system.

"Road arteries are already full. More pressure will lead to total transport failure.

“The Transport Secretary Chris Grayling needs to take this more seriously, the Tories’ policy of transport austerity - withdrawing the transport subsidy from London Transport and selling off as much of our infrastructure silver as possible - is a crisis of political vision!

“We need to bring this mess in house and plan properly for our travelling public. The current system just doesn’t work."

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