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Welcome & Editorial - April 2014

31 March 2014

Welcome to the April 2014 edition of the TSSA Journal. We've an edition packed with the latest news, campaigns, comment and advice.

The past month has seen our union loose two of our strongest allies. The sudden death of Bob Crow, coupled with the passing of Tony Benn, has robbed the labour movement of two of its most powerful voices. We send our condolences to all those who struggled alongside Bob and Tony, who we remember on page 5.

Our industrial action at London Underground dominated news headlines and forced management to suspend the implementation of their ill thought through plans. The detailed negotiations are still ongoing, due to reach a conclusion in early April. The Mayor and LU management would do well to remember that our programme of industrial action is merely suspended and a failure to propose a substantially improved plan would bring that option back to the fore. See pages 12-13 for all the details.

As our general secretary discusses on page 14, the executive committee has been consulting on changes that will impact on almost all areas of the Association, the Journal included. As the media has increasingly moved online and up-to-the- minute news has become the norm, the role of a printed magazine is changing. The ongoing consultation is likely to recommend a significant reduction in the number of printed issues of the Journal, compensated for with a growth in what we offer online. This is far from an end of the Journal, which as page 11 shows, has gone through many changes of format and style through the last 110 years, but redeploying the resources used to produce the printed magazine will allow us to communicate more effectively week-in, week-out. Organising in defence of our rights at work has to be our priority and that agenda is now most effectively served by the more responsive, timely methods of communication we can employ online. The Journal will be back with you later in the year, but until then, enjoy this issue and look out for the expanded communications we’ll be providing online.

Ben Soffa, editor

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