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Arbitrary Decision of the CIE Group to withdraw Sick Day Payment

21 January 2014

Members are advised that TSSA and the other trade unions met today with the HR Managers of Dublin Bus, Bus Eireann and Irish Rail & CIE.

The meeting was called following strong correspondence from each Trade Union demanding the restoration of the agreed methodology of Sick Pay as provided for under the Welfare Scheme.

However the CIE Group informed us that they sought more time to respond to our demand.

We informed the Group that the decision was in direct breach of our members conditions and we were not prepared to engage in a charade whilst our members were at a loss of upwards of €100 in their Sick Pay entitlements.

We further informed the CIE Group that each Trade Union intend to convene a meeting of their key reps to discuss this disgraceful breach of agreement and to formulate a response.

The Group was left in no doubt with regard to the consequences of their decision and we assured them that they should anticipate a strong, forceful and unified response to their arbitrary decision.

Members will be advised as to the outcome of the Trade Union meetings.

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