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West Coast South Technical Staff Contracts

3 June 2016

Details of West Coast South P&T contracts proposal and member referendum

Download our circular here:   West Coast South Technical Staff Contracts

Our union has worked for years to ensure that all Technical Staff, also known as P&T grades, in Network Rail maintenance are employed on collectively negotiated contracts. While a small number of IMCs, such as Jarvis and First Engineering, negotiated new contracts with TSSA, most continued to employ staff on former BR terms, known as the “IMC24” contract. These have consistent “spot rate” salaries, with nationally negotiated pay rises and increases for length of service in the role. In recent years some routes have issued Technical Staff with Role Clarity contracts or other terms introduced by IMCs or amended by NR without our agreement.

Members’ individual grievances and national pressure from our union combined to force Network Rail to address the issue. Regional contract variations mean that we must negotiate solutions area by area.

Progress on West Coast South

We have negotiated a proposal for West Coast South P&T staff who are employed on IMC23 (offering reduced overtime rates) and Role Clarity contracts. As the only union recognised for P&T grades, TSSA members in West Coast South are invited to vote in an online referendum to accept or reject the following proposal   West Coast South P&T Proposal

  • IMC 23 contract to be withdrawn
  • All staff on IMC23 contract to transfer to IMC24
  • P&T staff on Role Clarity contracts given a one-off choice to retain existing salary and T&Cs or transfer to IMC24 contract at the appropriate salary step, according to years’ service in the role
  • If agreed by a straight majority, this proposal would apply to Technical Officers, Senior Technical Officers and Principal Technical Officers (TO, STO, PTO) in West Coast South only

Click to help decide whether we accept or reject the proposal

The referendum closes at 1700 Friday 17 June.

For further information, speak to your Rep or the Helpdesk. If you are a TO, STO or PTO and are not in TSSA, remember that ours is the only recognised union for P&T staff.

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