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West Midland Trains Management Reorganisation

30 April 2018

At the current moment in time chaos reigns within the company leaving members confused and anxious about their future role and status. Despite our best efforts to try and regain some control over the situation the company seems reluctant to want to engage meaningfully with us leaving employment relations in a fragile state.


Since we last wrote to update you we have now completed initial consultation meetings for all areas of the business undergoing the reorganisation although there still remain outstanding issues yet to be agreed.

At the outset we were keen to establish a good working relationship with the company and stressed how important it was that we didn’t repeat mistakes of the past such as the 2014 management reorganisation. We were prepared to give the company the benefit of the doubt however they have been found wanting time and time again and we are only too aware of the impact that this is having on you.

We would like to state how disappointed we are in the company and that we don’t condone how they are currently conducting themselves.

People Process

Unfortunately, we have been unable to agree a People Process which we find absolutely dumbfounding! We have never dealt with a reorganisation like this where such a process has not been agreed at the outset. The result of this is that members don’t understand how they are being treated, what the next steps are and cannot rely on a consistent and transparent process agreed with their union. This is something which we are seeking legal advice on as we believe this is a breach of the collective consultation requirements.


We understood and empathised with the company that they were forced to embark on an HQ relocation so soon after being awarded the franchise so when they asked if we could prioritise the HQ functions we agreed. What we didn’t then expect was a lack of consultation regarding things like the time frame, the closed listing roles and job preference forms… We have been horrified with the poor quality of the information that the company has been producing and the large number of errors which have been made. We have implored the company to slow the process down and re-engage with us so that we could give them the benefit of our experience and try and reassure our members. We wrote to the company last week and asked for a meeting this Wednesday to try and clear the air and get the situation back on track however they have not yet responded!

Control relocation

From the moment we found out about the Control relocation we were concerned about how this would be handled and the impact on our members. Whilst we are satisfied that the Tyseley Depot is well equipped and offers everything our members need we are disappointed about the relocation terms on offer. The company wrote to us last week to confirm that they were only willing to offer contractual terms based on the Red Book PTR & R conditions. We are glad that the company has seen fit to offer all of the staff consistent terms however we stressed to them that our members were seeking enhanced terms to compensate them for the first of not one but two relocations! Unfortunately, the company refused to respond to our latest communication and wrote to all of the members instead stating that consultation has now concluded! This is also something which we are seeking legal advice on.

Next steps

We understand and appreciate how difficult things must be at the moment and unlike the company we are trying to do all we can to ensure that our members are treated fairly, consistently and with respect. We won’t give up trying to protect your interests and will continue to update you an all developments.

You most probably have lots of questions some of which won’t be addressed in this communication, so I urge you to continue raising questions with your TSSA Management Council reps who are on hand to assist in any way that they can:

Teresa Woodward 07771 740 401

Steve Hewitt 07771 831 024

Colin Mytton 07717 880 212

Dave Harris 07771 827 497

Richard Sutcliffe 07815 952 705

Rob Mullett 07891 570 179 

If your colleagues are not already in a union, encourage them to join today 

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