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West Midland Trains Non-Management grades 2018 pay referendum

30 May 2018

TSSA members to vote on company 'final' pay offer of 3.85% - TSSA negotiating team recommend acceptance and ask you to vote online by 15 June 2018 by visiting:

 Final 2018 pay offer

Following meetings on 17 April and 24 May 2018, the company’s 'final' offer, effective from 1 April 2018, is:

1. a 3.85% increase on basic pay (or an £800.00 increase if that is greater);

2. dynamic allowances to increase by 3.85%.

It was also proposed as part of the deal that measures will be taken to improve attendance, to include:

• consistent application of the MFA process through joint management and trade union training in dealing with complex sickness absence matters;

• early intervention for employees who have patterns of regular sickness absence and where there are concerns regarding Sustainable Contribution.

In line with the pension and contribution contracting out changes from 1 April 2016, all salary increases will be subject to an annual pensionable pay cap which for 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019 is 4.15% (September 2017 RPI plus 0.25%).

Regional allowances will be included into the salary when the pensionable pay cap is being applied. Any additional increase above the annual cap during the year will be forward pensionable only, with separate restructuring premium tier amounts and dates based on the relevant salary change date. Pensionable tier information will be clearly shown on future annual pension statements.

The above is the actual position regarding pay, which differs from the regrettable communication that Adrian Thompson chose to put out last Friday, which is somewhat misleading:

Subject: 2018 Pay Talks

Date: Friday 25 May 2018

To: All colleagues

Following a meeting involving the company and all trade unions on 24th May 2018, I am pleased to advise that an offer to resolve 2018 pay talks was agreed. The trade unions have to report back to their respective executive committee’s for formal acceptance and subject to everything being in order, I will issue a further communications informing every one of the details in due course.


Adrian Thompson

Human Resources Director

TSSA recommendation

Your reps have done an amazing job in securing this deal for you and worked very hard to negotiate the best possible outcome. For this reason we are putting this offer to you with a firm recommendation to accept and urge you to complete the online pay referendum which will run until close of play on Friday 15 June 2018.

Only those members who join by close of play on 11 June 2018 and remain in membership will be eligible to vote. Anyone not fitting this criteria will be removed from the vote which is why it is necessary for us to confirm membership through name and post code. This information will be kept confidential and only the general anonymised results will be shared with the reps and the company.

To vote please visit:

Please encourage your colleagues who are in the Non-Management grades and who are not members of TSSA to join before the deadline so that they can vote. They can do this online via our website at

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