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West Midlands franchise bidding

7 April 2016

TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes responds to the Department for Transport's announcement that it is considering bids from Govia, MTR and Japanese Railways East and Mitsui to run the West Midlands franchise from October.

"Look behind the names of the companies bidding for the West Midland rail franchise and you see the real story of Britain's railways.

"Abeilio is Dutch state owned rail company, Keolis is a subsidiary of French national company SNCF, Mitsui is Japanese and MTR is Chinese.

"So what we have here is the obscene spectacle of this Tory government opposing the British public's overwhelming demand to own our own railway companies whilst encouraging
foreign ownership from practically any other country that wants to make a bid.

"Privatisation of railways is plainly not working for British passengers or taxpayers. Foreign companies are here because they can make huge profits which they use to subsidise fares in France, in Holland, in China and now the Japanese are looking to get a share of the profit booty to be made here.

"It's economic madness and the case for public ownership of railways gets more urgent by the day."

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