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West Midlands Trains Management Reorganisation

15 March 2018

West Midlands Trains commenced a collective consultation exercise with its management council for those grades within TSSA’s collective bargaining on Wednesday 28 February.


So far we have discussed the following directorates:

  • HR
  • Safety
  • Finance
  • Commercial
  • Engineering
  • Customer Experience

These directorates are now undergoing the company’s rigorous safety validation regime however we anticipate that this will be a straightforward process which will be conducted quickly. The company has committed to sharing the outputs of this exercise with TSSA for its scrutiny.

Overall the talks have been very productive, and we seek to reassure you that on the whole the proposed changes are mainly positive in that the company is introducing additional roles and only minor changes affecting reporting lines and job titles. Both the company and TSSA want to minimise any uncertainty and disruption to those staff affected by these changes and have spent considerable time finalising a set of management guidelines. We believe that these guidelines clarify the displacement process and ensure that any affected staff will be treated fairly, consistently and transparently. If any staff have any questions on the guidelines or any aspect of the displacement process we urge you to address any concerns with your line manager in a first instance.

We are currently awaiting the precis for the Operations directorate and expect to be meeting to discuss this in early April. The Operations directorate is the largest one to be dealt with which is why it has been slightly delayed.

The process jointly agreed between the company and TSSA is that after we have concluded the collective discussion on each precis a brief containing the change summary is approved and shared with the affected directorate. We urge you at that point to engage with your relevant TSSA rep and use this opportunity to raise any questions that you may have. Below you find the names and contact details for the TSSA Management Council reps who are on hand to assist in any way that they can:

Teresa Woodward 07771 740 401

Steve Hewitt 07771 831 024

Colin Mytton 07717 880 212

Dave Harris 07771 827 497

Richard Sutcliffe 07815 952 705

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