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21 December 2010

It’s a good question. After a very well supported strike in September, the struggle for recognition for our members on personal contracts continues. We have faced a number of challenges in this campaign.

The intransigence of the employer, the announcement of threatened redundancies that has to some extent eclipsed the issue of recognition and a feeling that we need to re-consider our strategy, combining the threat of further strike action with the use of the statutory recognition procedure.

We are currently exploring a formal application to the Central Arbitration Committee. They have the right to award statutory recognition in cases where employers refuse to enter into a voluntarily agreement and a majority of workers in a ‘bargaining unit’ want recognition for their union.

To succeed we will need over 50% of workers in membership, or a clear majority voting in favour of recognition in a ballot in which 40% of all those affected vote.

We will be meeting with your reps in the New Year to develop a campaign strategy, but in the mean time, we wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas, and invite you to be part of the campaign team.

A New Year’s resolution?

The TSSA is a member lead union. We need your help if we are going to achieve our objectives, particularly in the coming 12 months. With the government implementing cuts across public transport provision, we will see jobs under threat and attempts to erode terms and conditions. At the same time passengers will almost certainly see fares up and budget pressures on the quality of service.

Help us make a difference in 2011. Become an active member of the TSSA and help us protect public transport and our members’ terms and conditions.

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Why not make it your New Year’s resolution to play an active role in your union?

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