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Why has it all gone quiet?

10 April 2012

Why has it all gone quiet? Over the last few months our campaign to bring many Tube Lines staff back into collective bargaining has been making quiet progress.


TSSA members have continued to sign up non-members both to join the TSSA, and to complete the ‘pledge cards’ which will be necessary if we have to pursue recognition through the statutory recognition route.

We have also been in lengthy discussions with Tube Lines to try to reach a voluntary agreement without having to resort to the lengthy statutory recognition route. These discussions have been positive (although as with all negotiations, there is an element of trading taking place), and we believe that we have a way to move forward in the near future.

We are now awaiting a formal written proposal from Tube Lines regarding the way forward for staff on PRP contracts. Once received, this will be circulated to all members, and TSSA will organise workplace meetings to discuss the proposals in detail.

We are not able to publicise the proposals until they have been confirmed in writing. However, we believe that they will lead to a more formal and structured engagement with the company over the working of performance related pay, and issues such as fairness and equality at work.

Over the last few months Tube Lines has significantly revised their position in these negotiations. We believe that this is because they recognise the strength of support for our campaign amongst Tube Lines staff, and the ongoing work of TSSA members and our supporters. Thank you for your continued commitment.

What happens now?

Once we have received the formal proposal from the company we will arrange workplace meetings to discuss the way forward.

We will also be looking for members to help our work by volunteering to become involved in two new TSSA/Tube Lines joint working groups: one will focus on PRP and the other on equality. These groups will guide our work in these areas and lead, hopefully, to a more structured engagement with the company.

What can you do to help?

•If you are interested in knowing more about these groups and their role and function please contact Mel Taylor, TSSA Organiser by email: or tel. 0773 819 5127.

•This has been a long campaign, and we thank you for your continued support. To keep up the pressure and ensure progress we need to maintain our momentum. If you are not a TSSA, now is the time to join. To join on-line visit:

•If you are a TSSA member please pass on and discuss this circular on to colleagues, and encourage them to join TSSA.

•Contact your elected TSSA representatives, and, to find out more about TSSA.

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